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Can Solar Be Installed on a Slate Roof?

Want to install a solar array on your slate roof, but not sure if you can?

Although this comes up less in the Norther California area than installing solar on a tile roof, we are still often asked whether solar panels can be installed on a slate roof.

Slate roofs can present a little more difficulty than a standard asphalt roof, but with the help of an experienced solar installer, you’ll have your home creating clean and reliable electricity quicker than you think!

How Is Solar Installed on a Slate Roof?

The installation process on a slate roof is roughly the same as it is on an asphalt roof. The major difference, however, is that instead of drilling your mounting brackets into the slate roofing, the roofing tiles must be removed. A standoff is then attached through the sheathing to the rafter below and a mounting bracket is attached to the standoff.

Once the standoff is in place, then you simply flash around the standoff in the same way you would around a roof vent or a solar array installed on an asphalt roof. The overall process is very similar to any other solar installation. It is important to keep in mind that you are dealing with roofing components that are much more fragile and expensive than a traditional asphalt roof. We recommend using a solar installation company with slate roofing experience or even having a professional slate roofer present during the installation process to ensure your slate roof is properly removed and replaced around your new solar array.

Do Nots for Solar on a Slate Roof

The only major do not for slate roofing is do not drill through the slate roofing. This can have several negative consequences. Drilling through your slate roofing tiles can make them crack—causing them to leak or void your warranty.

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